Wolff: 'I don't know why they qualified on the softs but it could be advantage'

31-07-2021 16:05
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Wolff: 'I don't know why they qualified on the softs but it could be advantage'

Toto Wolff is very happy with the result of a front-row lockout for Mercedes today. Lewis Hamilton claimed pole position and Valtteri Bottas was behind the Brit, with both drivers starting on the medium tyres for tomorrow's Grand Prix. 

Happy with qualifying performance

"I'm happy. We expected Hungary to be more tricky for us in these conditions, locking the front row gives us the advantage," Wolff explained to Sky Sports after Hamilton claimed pole.

Qualifying drama not an issue

Both Wolff and Red Bull Racing chief Christian Horner agree that nothing was wrong with Hamilton's 'mind games' when leaving the pit lane slowly with Verstappen behind.

He explained that "it is not something we discuss. Everyone tries to get the biggest possible gaps. We saw the average was somewhere between seven and eight seconds in all the qualifying sessions. But the camera was pointed elsewhere so we didn't see everyone else doing it."

He was then further questioned on whether or not Red Bull's choice to qualify on softs was the right choice or not, to which he responded with, "I don't know why they qualified on the softs but it could be an advantage. If it's a solid two-stop, which we saw three years ago when Lewis caught up overtook Max. If it's a two-stop the soft doesn't make any difference, maybe an advantage at the beginning.

"We wouldn't have done it. The soft tyre has a big advantage on a single lap, I think tomorrow we will see it peak after a handful of laps. But if it's a two-stop you can easily switch on a medium or a hard. If everyone does it, it's fine, but otherwise, you could get into traffic."

Hamilton back on top

Finally, Wolff was questioned about how Hamilton was fairing after the abuse and outrageous comments he received weeks ago, to which he responded positively, "Lewis has been absolutely fine. The sad part is that he is used to the racist abuse which happens all the time. He just concentrates on the championship which is important. We try to keep within our emotional bubble without looking outside."

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