Marko sees Mercedes being FIA's pet peeve: 'That was an example of that'

30-07-2021 20:18 | Updated: 30-07-2021 21:09
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Marko sees Mercedes being FIA's pet peeve: 'That was an example of that'

It was soon clear that Red Bull's attempt yesterday to ensure Lewis Hamilton received a bigger penalty was not going to succeed. The FIA said in the paper that Red Bull had come up with 'manufactured evidence' and it did not comply with the guidelines.

In an interview with Helmut Marko says that he certainly doesn't understand the end of the document. It says that the FIA is worried about accusations from Red Bull towards Mercedes and Hamilton. Marko doesn't understand this at all.

"No, it's a bit mysterious. I can only imagine it refers to that we complained that Toto Wolff went to the stewards with more than mysterious documents. Maybe that's what they meant. We saw that as some kind of attempt to influence."

FIA is close to Mercedes according to Marko

The Austrian believes that too often the side of Mercedes is taken, especially in cases like this. "Yes, this is an example of it. He (Wolff) went in there with an internal working document from the FIA, presenting how and who has priority when and where in a corner. That's a bit strange. But anyway, we'll make a note of that." In any case, Marko has no regrets about Red Bull's attempt and the personal attacks from his team.

"No, we don't regret that. Because after such an accident you have to do everything to protect your own team and driver interests. We have to acknowledge that it turned out this way."

Public opinion now against Red Bull?

Red Bull in fact received a lot of criticism for its reaction and the way it tried to give Hamilton a longer penalty. As a result, public opinion switched quite a bit. Marko sees that too.

"Well, what is made of it politically is different. But we would have commented on any other driver in the same way as we did with Hamilton. It has nothing to do with Hamilton. It doesn't matter which driver, we would have acted the same way."

Marko says it is now a closed chapter and the focus is on the race weekend in Hungary. Red Bull will be looking to take sporting revenge there with Verstappen.

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