FIA: 'Red Bull came up with 'manufactured evidence' towards Hamilton'

29-07-2021 19:47 | Updated: 29-07-2021 20:35
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FIA: 'Red Bull came up with 'manufactured evidence' towards Hamilton'

Lewis Hamilton will not lose his British Grand Prix victory and will not get a heavier penalty for his incident with Max Verstappen. The stewards have reacted to Red Bull's attempt for this and rejected it.

According to the FIA and the stewards, the evidence presented by Red Bull was not sufficient to aggravate Hamilton's punishment. Hence, the original penalty stands.

"That which was presented to the stewards was not 'an important and relevant new element which has come to light and which was not available to the parties requesting review at the time of the decision in question.'"

Stewards see 'manufactured evidence'

Because, according to the FIA/stewards, the evidence Red Bull came up with was crafted in such a way that it could support Verstappen's team's claim. The evidence was not news and significant enough to change Hamilton's penalty.

"The slides in Annex 2 to the competitor's letter, which have been relied upon as new evidence, were not discovered, but were made for the purpose of submitting documents in support of the request for review. And they were made on the basis of evidence available to competitors at the time of the decision (GPS data). This clearly does not meet the requirements of Article 14."

In short: the evidence was not sufficient, Hamilton retains his win at Silverstone and the matter is concluded. Now the fight can resume on the track.

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