Hamilton doesn't want to answer: 'I'm not going to waste my energy'

29-07-2021 16:42 | Updated: 29-07-2021 16:54
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Hamilton doesn't want to answer: 'I'm not going to waste my energy'

The crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton keeps on bothering people. During the press conference, it was also the talk of the day. Verstappen and Hamilton are still pointing to each other over who's to blame.

Do it again exactly like this

Hamilton believes he did everything right in his overtaking attempt on the Dutchman. "I checked it out and analysed it. Based on all my experience, and my experience over the years obviously speaks for itself, I wouldn't change anything. I would do it exactly the same again," the Mercedes driver told Motorsport.com.

Comparison with overtaking action on Leclerc

In the past couple of weeks Hamiltons actions against Verstappen and Charles Leclerc were compared. These showed that Verstappen gave Hamilton more than enough space. However, during the press conference the Brit refused to explain the difference between the two actions. "I can certainly explain it, but I'm not going to," he said.

"I've been racing for over 20 years," Hamilton continued. "I know how to navigate through corners and do overtaking manoeuvres and so I'm not going to waste my energy explaining it. But it will certainly be difficult for people to fully understand."

Penalty too low

Earlier in the day Verstappen let it be known that he believes the blame for the crash does lie with Hamilton and the ten-second penalty is too light. "Our cars are so fast, we easily have a gap of forty, fifty seconds on the cars behind us, so a ten-second penalty doesn't mean much." When the Dutchman was asked how penalties should be determined in future then, he responded: "With common sense."

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