Ricciardo has no problem with aggressive driving style of Verstappen

29-07-2021 12:58 | Updated: 29-07-2021 13:35
by GPblog.com
Ricciardo has no problem with aggressive driving style of Verstappen

Daniel Ricciardo has no problems with the driving style of Max Verstappen. The former teammate of the Dutch driver thinks Verstappen has grown and matured, and the crash with Lewis Hamilton is part of the game.

At the press conference, that Formule1.nl, among others, present, Ricciardo was asked if he believes Verstappen is driving too aggressively. "Max was under some pressure in his first F1 years, and those moves of his from then, you don't see from him now either. He has grown and matured. As teammates we didn't see each other that often..."

The McLaren driver then speaks again of similar words by saying that Verstappen at the beginning of his career indeed had to endure some criticism, but that he has now managed to eradicate those mistakes. Ricciardo says there is no immediate reason for Verstappen to change his approach.

Race incident at Silverstone

The driver from Perth doesn't think we should make it bigger than it is, because competing against each other is part of Formula 1. "They have been racing hard against each other all year. I see it as a racing incident, the most important thing is that Max got away unscathed", said Ricciardo, who received many compliments after the British GP for how he appeared in front of the camera of Ziggo Sport.

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