'I'm sure Schumacher was frustrated and angry in the car'

28-07-2021 20:47 | Updated: 28-07-2021 22:39
by GPblog.com
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'I'm sure Schumacher was frustrated and angry in the car'

It was quite a transition. From Formula 2 champion in 2020 to the team with the slowest car on the grid in Formula 1 in 2021. Mick Schumacher does not have an easy time at Haas but is focusing on learning as much as he can this season to reap the rewards next year.

Open to ideas

At Haas, at least, they are very appreciative of Schumacher. Chief engineer Ayao Komatsu speaks highly of Schumacher on Autosport.com Komatsu praising the rookie. "It was clear to all of us from the beginning that he is very, very open to all ideas," he said. "So when we say to him, 'OK, let's try this, why don't we go in this direction?' even if he doesn't agree, he's happy to try it."

"Then that will give us some really good data. Whether it works or not, either way, he did it so we got the data and feedback," Komatsu continued. "He's made a big step in all areas, but especially in terms of tire management, I think he's made a pretty big step in the last couple of races."

Frustrated and angry

Still, not everything is going well in his first year in Formula 1, for example in Baku he had many problems with his car. Komatsu can still remember that race well. "I'm sure he was frustrated and angry in the car, but even then he remained very calm, constructive and gave us great feedback. So when you work like that, it's helpful for everyone."

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