What evidence will Red Bull bring in? "Going to come up with GPS data"

28-07-2021 15:31 | Updated: 28-07-2021 16:00
by GPblog.com
What evidence will Red Bull bring in? Going to come up with GPS data

Martin Brundle suspects that Red Bull Racing will come up with GPS data from Lewis Hamilton to convince the stewards that a heavier penalty for the British driver of Mercedes would be justified. The decision on whether the ten-second penalty should remain, be reduced or be increased is unlikely to be made before Thursday.

"It’s really hard to get new information that the stewards haven’t seen because they’ve got incredible amounts of data coming off the car and different video angles and lots of stuff we don’t get access to," Brundle stated for his employer Sky Sports. Only when there is new evidence will the stewards reconsider their judgement, but it's a long process.

Decision not reached until later

"This first stage is, is there something new and relevant to this incident that means it’s going to get a review and that’s the key thing and then it goes to the review. So it’s not the review that’s going to happen tomorrow afternoon," the Formula 1 commentator states at Sky Sports.

So what new pieces will Red Bull bring in? Brundle: "So Red Bull I think will be trying to come up with some GPS data to say that Hamilton was much faster into there, had no intention of making the corner, was using Verstappen to get around the corner. Did he open the steering wheel anywhere that we haven’t seen up until now? I think should he have gone much further to the right? Did Max leave him enough racing room? All of those sort of things.

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