'When I was team principal of Ferrari, I was thinking of it as a sport'

27-07-2021 19:08 | Updated: 27-07-2021 21:43
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'When I was team principal of Ferrari, I was thinking of it as a sport'

Formula 1 fans can expect a lot of changes in the coming years. Not only do the sprint races look set to be repeated, but the changes to the cars and changes to the rules about the engines also stand out. Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali is looking forward to the changes.

Domenicali has seen motorsport grow in recent years and understands why people see Formula 1 as entertainment. "When I was team principal of Ferrari, wearing that particular hat, I was thinking of it more as a sport," he tells in conversation with GQMagazine. "It’s like being in a scrum – boom, boom, boom – but the pitch is much bigger. It’s clear that every one of us has a different objective and that’s part of the game. But if you only think about the sporting side of it you’re going to lose sight of the bigger picture."

However, the boss notes that this has not yet caught on with all teams. "Some of the team principals understand that. Some of them have other priorities. Our role is to ensure that while it’s about being fast on the track, away from it we need people to understand the wider vision for the sport. And that includes the drivers, some of whom are more open than others."

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