Will circuits in Europe disappear from calendar? 'Not living by tradition'

25-07-2021 17:26 | Updated: 25-07-2021 18:53
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Will circuits in Europe disappear from calendar? 'Not living by tradition'

Last year and again this year, Formula 1 had to be extremely creative with the calendar thanks to the coronavirus crisis. Several circuits had to organise two races in a row and there were triple headers. This was different in previous years.

In an extensive interview with GQ Magazine F1 boss Stefano Domenicali says that there is room for 25 races next year and the years after, but that the number of 23 races is fine for now. Still, he would like to see something different.

"I think 23 races is a stable number, although in the Concorde agreement it says that more is also allowed. So how many do we want in Europe, in America, in the Middle East, in Asia and the Far East? I see fewer GPs in Europe, more in the US and more in the Middle East and Asia."

Asked if fans won't then be disappointed that some classic circuits are disappearing, the Italian replies wittily. "I don't think so. It's something that is part of the evolution of a company, and this is entertainment. Of course, we are aware of the importance of tradition and it gives you the ingredients for the future. But if you live by tradition, you don't live long. We have to build foundations for the future."

Classic circuits don't lose their charm

At least that's what Domenicali thinks."The magic of having places that want to be part of our business in the future is part of our agenda. We're not just looking at the beauty of the future. These places understand that the world is changing. Monza, to give an example, is unique, but Monza also needs to invest in the future. The people who come there deserve it. You have to grow, you have to respond. The positive pressure that the newcomers put into the system is great."

Whether there will be two more races next season and what kind of circuits these will be, remains to be seen. What is clear is that, according to the F1 boss, the focus will have to be placed more outside of Europe than is currently the case.

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