Schumacher: "I don't foresee F1 doing this at every event"

25-07-2021 12:40 | Updated: 25-07-2021 14:39
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Schumacher: I don't foresee F1 doing this at every event

In Britain, we saw the first ever Formula 1 sprint qualifying. A race of 100 kilometres to determine the grid for Sunday. Mick Schumacher says he'd rather stick with the normal format.

The Formula 1 sprint qualifying is created to have more action in the weekend. The normal qualifying will be on Friday, the sprint on Saturday and the Grand Prix on Sunday. This should provide more spectacle for the fans, who now don't have to watch only two free practices on Friday.

Sprints will not return every weekend Schumacher thinks

Schumacher is not a big fan of the new format, he told Marca. "It's nice for the fans, who can watch races on Saturday and Sunday. I don't foresee F1 doing this at every event. I think it's something they will do sometimes, maybe three or four races a year."

"I preferred the normal format, that way we can make some races more special that way," concludes the Haas F1 driver. Fellow F1 rookie Yuki Tsunoda said earlier that the new format is difficult for newcomers to F1, as you only have 60 minutes to find the right setup.

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