Alonso honest: "Had to get used to everything at the start of the year"

25-07-2021 12:17 | Updated: 25-07-2021 12:53
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Alonso honest: Had to get used to everything at the start of the year

Fernando Alonso says he still feels 25, despite turning 40 next week. The Spaniard has found his form again after a cautious start on his return to Formula One.

Alonso has returned to Formula 1 with Alpine after a two-year absence. The Spaniard put a stop to his Formula One career in 2018 after a few lean years with McLaren, but when Alpine (then Renault) came up with an offer he couldn't turn it down. Alonso started a bit cautiously, but has now reached five points finishes in a row, with a sixth place in Baku as his best result.

Alonso had to get used to Renault

"I feel good, more confident now in the car," Alonso revealed to "I think at the beginning of the year I needed a couple of races to get used to everything, not only F1 in itself, but also the Renault." Alonso thinks he could have been in better shape faster if he had rejoined McLaren, as he is more familiar with the steering wheel there.

"Honestly after the [cycling] accident at the beginning of the year, the first couple of races, still part of the stress of coming back, I was concerned a bit about the jaw, the shoulder where I had a small injury" Alonso admitted.

Birthday next week

However, Alonso is no longer bothered by that now and he feels 200 per cent fit by his own admission. "Next week is another number but I feel 25, so whatever number it says in the Passport is not what I feel," he concluded.

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