Verstappen on 2022 car: "Think we're a long way from IndyCar"

24-07-2021 19:25 | Updated: 24-07-2021 23:12
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Verstappen on 2022 car: Think we're a long way from IndyCar

Before Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton's incident completely took over the news around F1, the headlines were dominated by the new 2022 car and its implications. This car was in fact unveiled for the first time just before the weekend at Silverstone. The reaction was quite varied.

Verstappen has spoken out more extensively to and believes the comparison with IndyCar is not justified, at least for now. "Well, I think we're still a long way from IndyCar, so I think that's OK," he said. Asked if it's frustrating that it's so hard to overtake, Verstappen also had an answer.

"Well, look, we always want to go as fast as possible in one lap. But yes, at the moment it's just very difficult to overtake. I don't mind if we go three, four seconds slower, whatever it is, as long as we have better races in the end. It's always give and take."

Drivers should look after themselves before complaining about 2022 car

"In the end we were the ones who said we should have a different car so we can race better, so in the end Formula 1 came to this solution by mutual agreement. I'm curious to see what racing will be like next year." However, he understands the need for such a big change.

"Of course I understand that with the cars we have now, if you go through a corner so fast and brake so late, then of course it becomes very difficult to outbrake someone or things like that. So yeah, that's very normal."

Next year the cars will make their debut and we will be able to really see for the first time whether it will provide more spectacular races and more overtaking at a later stage.

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