Binotto sees Ferrari improve: 'Already 17 points more than last year'

24-07-2021 18:58 | Updated: 24-07-2021 23:10
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Binotto sees Ferrari improve: 'Already 17 points more than last year'

Ferrari had a dramatic season last year, but after ten races this year the team is in a much better position than last year. They are battling it out with McLaren for third place in the Constructors' Championship and even had a long fight for victory at Silverstone.

Charles Leclerc was overtaken at the last minute, but the differences compared to last year are extremely large. Team principal Mattia Binotto also sees this. In conversation with Binotto explained that the progress is only visible in the number of points.

"After 10 races we have 17 points more than at the end of last season. To show as a team that you have moved on is worth a lot."

Weaknesses Ferrari addressed

Because, of course, that's what every team prefers to do. Not looking at what's going well, but after what's going worse and improving there. According to the Italian, Ferrari has done this and it was evident in England. This then certainly has its effect on tyre management.

"I think we have recovered since France, and that is the most important thing. Together with the drivers and the team trying to understand what was wrong with the tyre management and how to tackle it. I am happy and satisfied to see the progress."

In Hungary, Ferrari will have the next opportunity to duel with McLaren and move closer to third place.

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