'Everyone seemed to be positive about it except Vettel'

23-07-2021 20:44 | Updated: 23-07-2021 21:46
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'Everyone seemed to be positive about it except Vettel'

The British Grand Prix was the stage for the first sprint race in Formula 1 history. Although there was a lot of criticism on the new format beforehand, the idea could count on nothing but positivity after the sprint race.

Ariane Frank watched the sprint race at Silverstone with a satisfied feeling. "A sprint race could definitely be a good way to boost the number of spectators," the promoter of the GP of Hungary told Motorsport.com. "Unfortunately, it is not our decision where these races are held. We saw for the first time at Silverstone exactly what it entails and I must say I found it very interesting. Everyone seemed to be positive about it except Sebastian Vettel."

Frank is referring to the comments of Vettel who indicated after the sprint race that he doesn't see a future with sprint races. Not only did he feel the format was too short to be of any use, but he also felt it was unfair that Hamilton had to start the race second after his victory in qualifying.

Battles during sprint races

"I do think it adds something, it creates a bit more excitement in the sport," Frank assessed, however. "At least it leads to more battles on track and that's always good. In that respect, the sprint race is better than a regular qualifying."

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