FIA agrees with Red Bull's criticism and sends mail with new guidelines

22-07-2021 13:23 | Updated: 22-07-2021 15:16
FIA agrees with Red Bull's criticism and sends mail with new guidelines

Toto Wolff visited the stewards at the British Grand Prix when they were investigating the incident involving Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Red Bull Racing strongly criticised the incident and now the FIA agrees with the objections made by the Austrian racing team.

Christian Horner called it 'very unfortunate' and the FIA understands that. Formula One teams have been told this week that they will be penalised if an uninvited member of staff visits the stewards at a time when a case is still under investigation and no decision has yet been made.

Masi offers further clarification

FIA director Michael Masi sent the new directive to all teams on Wednesday, PA news agency reported. The purpose of the email was that Masi wanted to "clarify the way in which a competitor, its duly authorised representatives and/or drivers are granted access to the stewards' office."

It goes on to say, "Access to the stewards’ office is strictly limited to the stewards, the stewards’ secretary and the stewards operator. Admission is only permitted with the prior approval of the stewards or following a decision of the stewards to summons a competitor and/or driver. Any competitor or person associated with a competitor who does not comply with the requirements outlined above may be considered to have breached Article 12.2.1.i of the International Sporting Code. We trust that the above is clear.”

Possible penalties for violation

What happens if Wolff pulls off something like this again? Then a penalty will be awarded which can range from a reprimand to a fine, points deduction, or even disqualification, The Independent reported .

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