Aston Martin engineers disappointed: 'Internal problems since Stroll takeover'

22-07-2021 09:59 | Updated: 22-07-2021 11:52
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Aston Martin engineers disappointed: 'Internal problems since Stroll takeover'

Sebastian Vettel is doing better and better at Aston Martin, but according to Ralf Schumacher, he is not yet in top form. According to the former Formula 1 driver this could also be due to the internal unrest at Aston Martin.

Unrest at Aston Martin

Vettel was brought to Aston Martin as the figurehead for 2021. Sergio Perez was pushed aside, and the four-time world champion was supposed to lead the team to success. However, Lawrence Stroll's team has slipped to sixth place among the constructors, scoring just 48 points this season.

''He's busy with more things than racing, but the most important thing is to control your teammate. Last year Sergio Perez was always two or three tenths faster than Stroll. If you then see Perez now duelling with Max Verstappen, it should be easy for Vettel to be consistently faster than Stroll,'' Schumacher told Sport Bild.

Departure of Stroll

Vettel has since scored more points than Stroll (30-18) and is also ahead in qualifying (6-4), but things are not yet as easy as hoped. However, Schumacher, the uncle of Mick Schumacher with whom Vettel has very good contact, points to the internal turmoil at Aston Martin.

''The acquisition of Lawrence Stroll and Aston Martin was a smart move, but you forget that you also take over employees. You can't turn a cow into a tiger in a day. I've heard there are a lot of internal problems. Some engineers are disappointed that other people are being brought in and I'm afraid that at some point Stroll will question the project and leave'', the German said.

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