Wolff on controversy: 'Everyone should have their own opinion'

22-07-2021 08:55 | Updated: 22-07-2021 10:14
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Wolff on controversy: 'Everyone should have their own opinion'

Lewis Hamilton may have won the British Grand Prix, but Max Verstappen's crash also caused a lot of controversy. Toto Wolff says in conversation with Motorsport.com Hamilton and Mercedes are doing fine.

The collision between Hamilton and Verstappen caused Verstappen to retire from the race after just one lap. Hamilton took the win despite a ten-second penalty, but not everyone was happy about it. Online, Hamilton received racist abuse, and his team was also attacked.

Criticism of Hamilton

''I think he's pretty relaxed about it, honestly. It is a very polarising story, and some of the comments that were made were very personal and probably inflamed the situation more. But overall, he's good'', his team boss now let us know a few days after the Grand Prix.

''I think controversy and polarisation is a good narrative and good content for the sport. Where it spills over into personal animosities, it's where you're overstepping the mark. But again, everybody needs to judge how he wants to do it. The championship is still a long way to go, and there are many, many points to score. We just need to look at ourselves and try to regain some performance in order to fight on pure pace for race victories. The controversy is more an external thing and not something we perceive as impacting the organisation internally'', concludes the Austrian.

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