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Fittipaldi praises: 'He is still the best driver on the grid'

Fittipaldi praises: 'He is still the best driver on the grid'

21-07-2021 17:54 Last update: 18:46


Two-time world champion Emerson Fittipaldi has given his opinion about the best driver on the current grid. And he does not choose current title rivals Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton.

Best driver on the grid

The Brazilian driver explained to the Spanish Soy Motor According to him Fernando Alonso is still the most talented driver on the grid. Especially the fact that the Spaniard can come back to Formula 1 after two years of absence and can be competitive is noteworthy according to Fittipaldi.

"I think he is still the best," said the fourteen-time Grand Prix winner. "He has shown that by being very competitive again after two years of absence. He has shown that he can adapt to another team again. He struggled a bit in the first races, but now he is getting stronger and stronger."

Indeed, Alonso seems to be settling in more and more at Alpine. The first races were difficult, but now the Spaniard has scored five points in a row. With 26 points he is now eleventh in the championship and doing much better than his younger teammate Esteban Ocon who is now thirteenth with 14 points.

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