Hamilton contacts Verstappen after crash at Silverstone

21-07-2021 14:01 | Updated: 21-07-2021 17:37
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Hamilton contacts Verstappen after crash at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton declared directly in front of the cameras after the race at Silverstone that he had no intention of apologising to Max Verstappen for his role in the crash that took place on the first lap of the heavily-loaded race for Mercedes. Verstappen, on the other hand, let it be known via his Instagram after he left the hospital that he was disgusted by Hamilton's unsportsmanlike behaviour after the race.

Contact on and off the track

The Briton, who was delighted with a victory at his home track, nudged Verstappen off the track at Copse Corner, leading to a hard crash and a shook up Dutchman. The impact, measured at 51G, was heard over the car's radio.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf now states that Hamilton has contacted the Dutchman, who despite scoring 0 points is still leading the standings. No announcements are made about the content of the conversation. It is not known if the two have managed to get closer to each other.


In any case, the next race in Hungary is already one that many people are looking forward to. The expectation is that Silverstone was just the starting shot of something that will end in a nerve-racking rivalry between the two drivers.

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