Hughes sees incident between Verstappen and Hamilton as 'competitive clash'

20-07-2021 19:54 | Updated: 20-07-2021 22:17
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Hughes sees incident between Verstappen and Hamilton as 'competitive clash'

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are still the talk of the day two days after their incident at Silverstone. The story is well known by now: Hamilton got ten seconds penalty and eventually won the race. The gap in the championship is now closed.

Still Mark Hughes thinks the incident was mainly of a competitive nature. This is what he says in the podcast of THE RACE.

"This was very hard racing. It's unfortunate that it happened at a corner that you go through very hard, rather than a corner with a little less speed. But that's just the dynamic of this circuit, this point of the season, how Red Bull and Mercedes are facing each other in terms of speed and what Hamilton had to do to win. This was just a bit of 'competitive conflict'."

Verstappen vs Hamilton

For that the battle this year has been fantastic to watch, no one will deny even after last weekend. It's a season with a huge amount happening both on and off the track.

"It's what we've had to wait too long for. We see it as a battle between the new title contender and the leader of the old guard. You can see it as a battle between two rookie teams and two very big manufacturers In F1. You can see it in the light of the battle around changing the technical rules that is being fought in the background between Red Bull and Mercedes. There are all sorts of dimensions. In the end, it's just an epic battle."

This epic battle will have its follow-up in Hungary in a week and a half. Then Verstappen will try to take sporting revenge for last weekend.

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