Barichello: Hamilton needed bigger penalty after crash with Verstappen

20-07-2021 19:41 | Updated: 20-07-2021 22:16
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Barichello: Hamilton needed bigger penalty after crash with Verstappen

During this week there is not so much talk about the race last weekend, but more about the incident of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Who was at fault, was the penalty enough and was Hamilton's reaction disrespectful afterwards?

Speaking to the Portuguese/Brazilian branch of former F1 driver Rubens Barrichello also had his say. He would have liked to see a bigger penalty for the Brit.

"I would blame Hamilton and give more than 10 seconds. The penalties are: five seconds, 10 seconds, drive on and so on, there's more than that 10 seconds. I would give more than 10 seconds, because those 10 seconds, with the impact his move had, he still had a great chance to win."

Hamilton should have seen this coming

Because after all, he is the experienced driver, not Verstappen. "Verstappen is 23, and next to him comes a guy who is a million times champion. It's almost inevitable to imagine that he's the one who has to think (about not crashing), because the 23-year-old isn't going to think."

"We're talking about two geniuses here: Hamilton and Verstappen," Barrichello continued. "Verstappen is the one who will be able to break all Hamilton's records in the future, they are two people who are above average."

In a week and a half, Verstappen will get his chance for revenge in Hungary before the summer break.

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