Glock on celebrating Hamilton: "Develop some more sensitivity"

20-07-2021 18:41 | Updated: 20-07-2021 19:39
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Glock on celebrating Hamilton: Develop some more sensitivity

Besides the discussion about who was to blame for Hamilton's crash at the Silverstone Grand Prix and whether the penalty was sufficient, there was also a lot of talk about what happened afterwards. Lewis Hamilton, who had driven Max Verstappen off the track at the beginning of the race, was celebrating extensively afterwards with a British flag.

That while Verstappen had to watch from the hospital. The Dutchman showed on social media that he, like the rest of his team, was not so happy and found it disrespectful. Timo Glock said in his weekend analysis on that some nuances need to be made, but that Hamilton was definitely a little bit wrong.

"Lewis Hamilton's behaviour during the awards ceremony is difficult to assess. I don't think he was told before or during the ceremony that Max was in hospital. If he had known, I think he might have acted slightly differently. On the other hand, he had just won his home GP and wanted to share his joy with the fans. Still, you can develop a bit more sensitivity there."

The battle between Red Bull and Mercedes on and off the field

Because if this battle, especially off the field, wasn't already spicy enough, after last weekend it's been ramped up a notch. Both on and off the track. Glock understands that both teams defended his own drivers after the race.

"When two drivers are racing for the World Championship, nobody will admit a mistake. That would be something like an admission of "weakness". Therefore, I think both parties will stick to what they say. Mercedes will support Lewis Hamilton just as Red Bull did with Max Verstappen. We can also expect heated discussions and exciting World Cup battles in the future."

Finally, he thinks it will have a positive impact on the upcoming race and in the battle for the championship. "There will definitely be more mental competitions between the two drivers and their teams. You're going to look at each other even more and see if the opponent makes mistakes and then use those as a hook. We can look forward to an exciting World Championship fight where the elbows will be stretched even more. I'm also curious to what extent the teammates will be used strategically, at Mercedes Bottas and Red Bull Perez."

In a week and a half, Hamilton and Verstappen will battle for points again in Hungary. Verstappen for sporting revenge and a lead in the world championship, Hamilton to reduce the gap.

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