Brawn gives his review on the sprint qualifying for the British Grand Prix

17-07-2021 18:37
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Brawn gives his review on the sprint qualifying for the British Grand Prix

Ross Brawn and his team have created an alternative weekend format for the British Grand Prix. Formula 1's Managing Director wants to wait until all three tests are completed but has positive feelings regarding the concept. He even answers a small criticism. 

In 'normal' qualifying on Friday evening, Lewis Hamilton recorded the fastest time of the session and therefore secured pole position for the sprint race. But he lost pole position for the British Grand Prix as Max Verstappen got the better start off the line. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes pole position shouldn't be handed out from a race result, but Brawn answers. 

"Someone told me that it would be unfair with Lewis on pole, but Lewis on pole going into the race with that start from Max. Lewis would not have won the race. See what I mean. Now he has another chance to see what he can do," Brawn told Sky Sports. 

"He [Lewis] can see the strengths of Max so it gives him a chance to see what he can do to beat Max tomorrow. The team can think of how they can beat him. If they let him go then they can't beat him."

Sprint review

Brawn reflects on the outcome: "Pretty pleased! I think we have to do the final phase of the weekend but I think we need to look at the whole weekend. A fantastic day yesterday engaging day today and the fans were on the edge of their seats," he added. 

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