Full results FP1: Nobody came close to Verstappen

16-07-2021 15:43 | Updated: 16-07-2021 17:20
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Full results FP1: Nobody came close to Verstappen

Max Verstappen was the fastest driver during the first Friday session and Lando Norris managed to finish second. He did this however with a big gap on the Dutchman. Lewis Hamilton had to concede 0.001 seconds to Norris.

Battle for second place

The battle for second place looks set to be a lot more exciting than that for first. Verstappen was much faster than his competitors at Silverstone. But the Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Sebastian Vettel and Sergio Perez all seem to be closely matched.

If we look further down we find the AlphaTauri's and Alpine's again, above the Williams and Haas cars. Lance Stroll had a bad session and finished eighteenth.

Full results

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