Arrival of Volkswagen Group encouraged: 'Great for F1'

16-07-2021 10:55 | Updated: 16-07-2021 13:37
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Arrival of Volkswagen Group encouraged: 'Great for F1'

Formula 1 presented the new car for 2022 this weekend, but it's also already busy working on the new engine from 2025. The Volkswagen Group is also said to be at these talks, and those brands are welcomed with open arms by Lawrence Stroll.

From 2025 there will be a new engine rulebook in Formula 1 again, but those rules are still not fixed. F1 is looking for an ideal middle ground, where cheaper and noisier engines are made that are more interesting for the fans, but on the other hand the big manufacturers have to be connected to F1.

Arrival of Volkswagen

In that respect, it's good that the Volkswagen Group is at the table in the talks, with Audi and Porsche among the possible candidates to join F1. "I would absolutely welcome and embrace the arrival of the Volkswagen Group,'' Stroll said to on the possible arrival of Volkswagen.

''It would show the strength of this sport. The more strong parties involved in this sport, the better it is for all involved. Whether you're talking about fans, the team owners or the FOM or the FIA. I know VW is pretty swallowed up in talks to return with one or two of its brands. I'm looking forward to it and would support a return. I think it would be great,'' concluded the Aston Martin chief.

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