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Hamilton motivated by losing to Verstappen? 'Has extended his career'

Hamilton motivated by losing to Verstappen? 'Has extended his career'

14-07-2021 09:49 Last update: 10:45


Looking back at the past few races, which were decided in Max Verstappen's favour, former driver David Coulthard argues that Lewis Hamilton has made himself a more magnanimous figure in his loss. He even argues that the challenge has given the Briton's career a second lease of life.

"If you look at the last couple of races which Hamilton’s lost, he’s been much calmer and much more magnanimous in defeat than we’ve seen", Coulthard is quoted as saying by Motorsport.com

The former driver continued: "What I’ve seen is an elegance, I’ve seen a confidence, I’ve seen a different Lewis in this challenge. I think that he is truly relishing the challenge. Of course he wants a title, who doesn’t? Of course he wants to win, who doesn’t? But he’s done so much winning."

Motivated by Verstappen

The Scot even thinks losing to Verstappen has given Hamilton's career a second lease of life. Coulthard: "I think that Max Verstappen and Red Bull this year have extended his career, I truly believe that."

He explains this as follows: "I just think he’s such a pure-bred racer - the way he’s been brought up by his family, total focus, total dedication. I think he loves it, I truly do, and I think the fact that he’s not winning right now is extending his career."

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