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Aston Martin's five-year plan: 'Then we will win championships'

Aston Martin's five-year plan: 'Then we will win championships'

14-07-2021 07:26 Last update: 08:20


With the investments made by team owner Lawrence Stroll at Aston Martin, the Canadian is hoping to win championships within four or five years. Stroll outlined his five-year plan for the team, stating that he will do whatever it takes to win.

"Our ultimate ambition is to win world championships," Stroll begins in conversation with Reuters. To reinforce this ambition, he adds, "We're going to do whatever it takes, within the rules obviously."

Concrete timeframe

Asked for a concrete timeframe, Stroll says he is betting on a title after four or five years of continued development. ""I don't think you could realistically plan on winning before four or five years", said the Canadian. Recently, the team purchased its own wind tunnel and stole several technical heads from other teams.

"It takes years to put the right people, the right tools, the right processes in place but we're building and investing in our team with the ambition of moving up the grid year by year", said Stroll.

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