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Red Bull to parry Mercedes-updates at Silverstone? 'We're betting on set-up'

Red Bull to parry Mercedes-updates at Silverstone? 'We're betting on set-up'

14-07-2021 06:39 Last update: 08:18


Looking ahead to the Silverstone Grand Prix as well as the ongoing title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull chief Dr Helmut Marko still sees plenty to gain for his team. In a new interview, he reveals that his team still has updates in store.

In conversation with Motorsport-Total Marko gives a preview of the updates still planned for the RB16B. "We bring updates, and these updates, which may still come after the summer break, are already on their way. We no longer need a wind tunnel for that, it's just a matter of fine-tuning and production work to bring these parts to the car", said the Austrian.


Despite this, these updates will not yet be on display at Silverstone. "Silverstone is special," explains Marko. "Normally you have three practice sessions in order to set up the car optimally for qualifying and the race. At Silverstone we have a single practice, then we go straight to qualifying."

The team will not try to parlay Mercedes' announced improvements in England, but will instead focus on maximising the set-up. Marko: "That means that the set-up has to fit in this one hour, otherwise the whole weekend may be gone. That is why we will not change anything serious on the car at Silverstone, we will try to to optimally coordinate what we have."

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