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Horner praises 'teamplayer' Perez, but won't confirm contract extension

Horner praises 'teamplayer' Perez, but won't confirm contract extension

14-07-2021 06:18 Last update: 08:17


Red Bull Racing is happy with the performance of Sergio Perez as a teammate of Max Verstappen, says Red Bull team principal Christian Horner in a new interview. Despite the strong performance of his newest acquisition, the Brit still wants to say nothing about the possible extension of Perez's contract.

"Checo is doing a great job," Horner stated in conversation with Sky Sports. With his answer, the team boss strategically avoids the question of the journalist. The journalist asked if Perez has proven himself enough to extend his contract. Horner doesn't want to say anything about this yet.

Instead, the Briton continued his praise of the driver: "He´s doing exactly what we asked of him, he’s scored a podium and won a race so far. He’s third in the driver’s world championship. He’s doing a fantastic job."

True team player

Concluding, Horner makes it clear that not only he, but the entire team is pleased with the performance of the Mexican racer. "We’re not even at that halfway point in the season yet but I think everybody in the team is content and happy with what he’s doing and the role as a teamplayer that he’s conducting as well", said the team boss.

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