Russell happy with new owners Williams and sees improvement in performance

13-07-2021 17:40 | Updated: 13-07-2021 17:57
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Russell happy with new owners Williams and sees improvement in performance

Since the acquisition of Doriton Capital, Williams has had less to worry about financially and on-track performance has become the focus again. Despite the fact that the progress may not be as noticeable on the track, it is off the track according to George Russell.

In The Nations Podcast, he says that especially the mental aspect and the approach at Williams has changed since the financial injection.

"The biggest difference is that there is less pressure for the team to survive. Before this, the team was really struggling financially and was mostly about saving money. That doesn't help with performance and this is a performance dominated sport."

Money can be spent where it's needed

This, according to Russell, is another big advance. He also knows that it is certainly not unlimited what Williams gets, but it is more than enough to ensure the team can develop its car.

"Since the new owners are there, the finances are there and the money is there. It's not an unlimited pot of money, but it's good to be able to develop the car further. The only focus now is to make the car faster and improve the infrastructure at the factories. And that is very important, especially when you are competing against teams that have a more stable foundation."

Williams will be hoping that, with or without Russell as a driver, a bigger step can be taken next year. That's when a lot of things will change in Formula 1, and it could be the perfect time for Williams to strike.

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