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Todt sympathises with Schumacher: 'Happy that he is doing what he loves'

Todt sympathises with Schumacher: 'Happy that he is doing what he loves'

13-07-2021 09:06 Last update: 09:58


FIA-president Jean Todt is happy with the arrival of Mick Schumacher in Formula 1. The Frenchman is closely linked to the Schumacher family as he worked with his father, Michael Schumacher, for many years.

The Schumacher family has had a difficult time due to father Schumacher's skiing accident. According to Todt, the Haas driver finds comfort in his passion for Formula One. "That's why I'm very happy to see that he loves what he does. That he is attracted to what he is doing," he told Eurosport.

"I think it's fantastic that they have the passion that helps them go through the life they have to go through," Todt continued. "And I hope he gets a car that allows him to express his talent as he should."

After Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2, Schumacher finally found himself in Formula 1 this year. "I would say it's kind of a natural progression," says the FIA president. He was therefore not surprised when Schumacher managed to secure a spot in F1.

Todt knows Schumacher family well

"My wife used to play with Mick in our garden with a chicken when he was three years old," says the FIA president. When Mick later went karting with father Michael, Todt knew his path was practically mapped out.

Schumacher's best finish this season was 13th at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, not a bad performance in the Haas car, which is overwhelmingly the worst car on the grid at the moment.

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