Russell: 'Didn't get the most out of the Williams'

13-07-2021 08:10 | Updated: 13-07-2021 08:52
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Russell: 'Didn't get the most out of the Williams'

George Russell is not having much luck in the Williams. He scored no points for the team so far, although he came close a couple of times. During the Austrian GP last week he had a thrilling battle with Fernando Alonso, but he had to give up the point to the Spaniard, who was just a bit faster.

In an interview with, the Brit is asked if he has made the most of the Williams. “I wouldn’t say so,” he admits. “No. In Imola, I should have scored points - regardless of how things panned out. We should have come away with points. So no is the answer.” Russell crashed out at the Imola Grand Prix when he crashed with Valtteri Bottas.

Russell doesn't believe in luck

Many say the 23-year-old driver is unlucky, but Russell himself doesn't place much value on luck. “I am not one to believe in luck. To be honest, you make your own luck. If I find myself in a world championship-winning car next year, I am not going to turn around and say: ‘That’s lucky!’ But if I don’t get it, I am not going to turn around and say it was unlucky," the Williams driver says.

He continued: "You are where you are because of what you achieve and what you accomplish, whether it is on track or off track. That’s my mentality and I’m not relying on luck for anything. I’m not hoping that everyone crashes and I win the race. I’m relying on me doing the best job possible with the team - and if we come home 12th, that’s the maximum."

"We cannot rely on others to break down. We need to do a better job,” Russell said. Next weekend will reveal whether the rumour of Russell being announced for Mercedes is true. For now, at least, he will have to keep trying in the Williams car.

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