Marko on conversation with Audi and Porsche: 'They want equal opportunities'

13-07-2021 07:46 | Updated: 13-07-2021 08:51
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Marko on conversation with Audi and Porsche: 'They want equal opportunities'

During the Grand Prix weekend in Austria, talks took place about the new engine regulations in Formula 1, which will take effect after 2025. Audi and Porsche are also at the table as representatives of the Volkswagen Group.

In an interview with the Dutch, Helmut Marko explains his own future vision for F1 engines. Honda will leave the sport from next year, but Red Bull will take over their engines until at least 2025. Wasn't this decision too quick given the current success? "Well, at least it's a final decision that is irreversible," Marko explains.

Both Marko and Christian Horner were present on behalf of Red Bull at the talks about the future. Especially Audi and Porsche seem to have a clear preference. "The people in charge at VW have made it clear what they want. They are in favour of a completely new engine formula so that they can start with equal opportunities. With the current six-cylinder, Mercedes has the biggest advantage, as they have the most successful engine," the Red Bull advisor reveals.

Marko points to new engine formula

If the German company actually wants to enter Formula 1, VW and Red Bull could join forces, but Marko makes it clear: "As always, there are no agreements or official talks in progress."

The main question remains whether a completely new engine formula will be introduced or continue with the current V6. "Well, our costing points more towards a new engine formula. At Silverstone, the talks continue and the outcome is really not yet determined. The only way to achieve the cost reduction is to standardise parts and reduce the time on the test bench."

Toto Wolff believes that the fully sustainable fuels, which are planned, should be introduced sooner. Marko disagrees. "The increase from five to ten percent bioethanol has already cost us tens of millions of dollars. If you want to switch to fully synthetic fuels, you have to do it at the same time as the new engine regulations. Also, the e-fuels need to be available at a reasonable price, that's not the case at the moment."

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