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Alonso pleads for talks with Masi about solution to track limits

Alonso pleads for talks with Masi about solution to track limits

11-07-2021 12:10 Last update: 12:55

This season there has been a lot of controversy surrounding track limits. In Austria, things often went wrong in corners 9 and 10 and in France there was a lot of controversy about the high yellow kerbs, also known as 'sandwiches'. Fernando Alonso feels it is necessary to address the issue.

According to the Spaniard the drivers still do not know what is allowed and what is punishable. After the Austrian GP Alonso was not happy when Charles Leclerc and Daniel Ricciardo were not called to the stewards because they used the outside of the track to overtake the Spaniard.

During the Bahrain Grand Prix there was also a lot of fuss about track limits, as the FIA was not consistent. Because there is so much confusion Alonso thinks the matter should be discussed thoroughly with race director Michael Masi.

Drivers need to talk to Masi

"I've only experienced a few races with Masi. We have had a year with much more intense track limits and it was already evident in the first race in Bahrain. Whenever there are track limits this year, there is usually some controversy," Alonso explained to Soymotor.com.

Alonso believes the issue needs to be discussed with Masi and between the drivers themselves. For the Spaniard it should be clear what you can and cannot do. The line between what is legal must be very small, because otherwise many drivers can abuse it.

"It's something we have to discuss with him. We also have to make it clear to the drivers. It should just be black and white, there shouldn't be too many grey areas, because otherwise drivers can take advantage of it," the world champion said.

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