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Alonso on Hamilton as a teammate: We didn't understand each other

Alonso on Hamilton as a teammate: "We didn't understand each other"

10-07-2021 20:46 Last update: 21:18

Fernando Alonso seems to be settling into the Alpine team since his return to Formula 1. The two-time world champion was written off by many at the start of the season, but if there's one thing the Spaniard still has going for him it's perseverance.

Considered by many to be one of the best Formula One drivers ever, Alonso could have had more championships to his name according to some. For example, he lost the 2007 championship by just one point. However, when asked by Marca When asked if he sees it as a stolen championship, he replies: "That point was there in many places. When you look back there are maybe also times when you think you were lucky when you won."

Alonso realistic about missed opportunities

"Kimi's engine broke down in two or three races where he was leading. In 2006 Michael's engine broke down in the second last race... So if you start counting there are races that maybe you shouldn't have won and races that you should have won. It's better to just take it as it comes and enjoy it," says the Alpine driver.

When Lewis Hamilton joined McLaren as a teammate of Alonso there were many stories about the hostile atmosphere between the two. However, according to Alonso, there was always mutual respect. "We didn't understand each other. But there was always respect between us, also on the track," said the Spaniard.

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