'Hamilton can say he doesn't care about records, but that's not the case'

08-07-2021 12:47 | Updated: 08-07-2021 15:41
by Nicole Mulder
F1 News
'Hamilton can say he doesn't care about records, but that's not the case'

It was recently announced that Lewis Hamilton will stay with Mercedes for another two years. The news came somewhat unexpectedly, especially given his late decision to sign a one-year contract for 2021. Is he extra motivated by the battle with Max Verstappen?

Former McLaren engineer Marc Priestley, who has worked closely with Hamilton in the past, thinks the seven-time world champion's decision is a good thing. "Statistically, he is the greatest driver the sport has ever known," says Priestley in his F1 Live podcast. "This is a special moment to be in, where we're seeing a very special driver drive who may still be working towards his peak. So the longer that continues the better, the sport benefits."

Hamilton chases eighth world title

Priestley says the decision to sign a two-year contract is due to the desire to win an eighth world title. "That might not happen this year, because it's looking more and more like it's going to Max Verstappen. So will Lewis settle for seven titles or will he go for that eighth? I think he wants that record."

"Lewis can say he doesn't care about records, but I've worked with him and know that's not the case. Those records are in his head, and I think he wants this one," Priestley said.

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