Marko hits back: 'Wolff should focus more on his own team'.

02-07-2021 15:57
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Marko hits back: 'Wolff should focus more on his own team'.

Earlier, Toto Wolff announced that Mercedes will not further develop this year's car and will instead focus entirely on next year. Helmut Marko does not believe Toto Wolff's words, as can be read at

"His announcement was 'incredible'," says Marko. "I rather believe their technical director James Allison, who announced updates. That they will deliver anything in the short term, I don't believe." So while the current Mercedes would still get some upgrades that the team was already working on, the major updates are being saved for next year.

The battle between Red Bull and Mercedes in full swing

Wolff indicated that Red Bull could be up to two seconds behind next year. Marko reacted vehemently: "It's very nice that he's worried, but maybe he should focus more on his own team and not stir up every half protest. We are right on track as far as 2021 and 2022 are concerned!"

There has been a lot going on around Red Bull's so-called flexi-wing recently. At the moment there is also distrust of Red Bull's Honda engine, but Honda is denying a power update.

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