Verstappen understands Mercedes protest: 'No competition for years'

02-07-2021 06:37 | Updated: 02-07-2021 08:49
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Verstappen understands Mercedes protest: 'No competition for years'

The battle between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes has broken out on and off the track. Toto Wolff indicated that there would be no more updates, but now Mercedes comes with updates after all. Max Verstappen is not surprised.

F1 teams don't give up

In Austria Toto Wolff surprised by saying that Mercedes had stopped development for 2021. This caused a lot of surprised faces, but James Allison later corrected this by saying that there was still something to come. So now the German team comes with an update, to close the gap with Red Bull.

''I don't expect anyone to give up now, that it will be a fight to the finish. What we have to do is keep pushing, because we have control over that. And then at the end of the season, we'll see where we end up. But those who follow the news could have already read that James Allison has said that there are still some things to come for Mercedes'', says Verstappen according to the AD.

Verstappen understands Mercedes

Besides the updates from Mercedes, there is also much to do about the protests of the team. They already gave cause for a new rear wing test and pit stop rules. Where many fans don't understand this, Max does. ''It's also of course because they never had any outside competition in the last two years, lol. So I do get it.''

So Mercedes will continue to do everything it can to still be world champion in 2021, and that is only logical too. Verstappen himself is not looking to 2022 either but is chasing the title now. ''If you have a chance of winning the championship, which you have worked so hard for, in recent years, you have to go for it. That seems logical to me," concludes the Red Bull driver.

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