Verstappen clearly the favourite: 'Could already compete with Mercedes then'

23-06-2021 09:50 | Updated: 23-06-2021 12:06
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Verstappen clearly the favourite: 'Could already compete with Mercedes then'

Formula 1 is in a Triple Header at the moment, and that may well work out well for Red Bull Racing. Max Verstappen won the first race in this triptych, and will now be hoping to continue that momentum in Austria.

Red Bull Racing arrive in Austria with a great feeling. Not only do they get to complete two races at the home Red Bull Ring, but they also arrive there as leaders in the drivers' and constructors' championship, and of course winners of the past three races. Mercedes need to pull themselves together after the defeat in France.

Mercedes under pressure

''Neither lever was enough to stop a brilliant Verstappen victory in an enthralling race. I don't agree that Hamilton was too soft when letting Verstappen by. He was out of tyres and the pass was inevitable before the finish given the Red Bull's straight-line speed and DRS assistance. In the same way that Verstappen wasn't super aggressive when Hamilton passed him in Budapest and Barcelona before in similar circumstances,'' Martin Brundle says of the French Grand Prix in his column for Sky Sports.

''We're into a triple header with two more races in Austria coming right up, and a track where Red Bull and Verstappen have taken the fight to Merc even before this current burst of newly-found speed and reliability. Can Mercedes regain the high ground, or will Verstappen and Red Bull extend their leadership in both championships?'' the former Formula One driver concludes.

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