Verstappen on Hamilton's suggestion: "Have you seen our wing?"

20-06-2021 17:48 | Updated: 20-06-2021 17:53
Verstappen on Hamilton's suggestion: Have you seen our wing?

Max Verstappen contradicts the words of Christian Horner and states that there is no payback at Paul Ricard. The Dutchman also discusses how he experienced the French Grand Prix from the cockpit and responds to Lewis Hamilton's statement that the Honda engine would be the strongest after last weekend's updates.

"There is no payback because things that happen in the past you can not change", Verstappen said on Ted's Notebook after all the festivities at the Paul Ricard circuit came to an end Sunday night. "It's just about trying to do things better. Again.. you know it was super close. It wasn't very easy out there with the wind and the track conditions."

Verstappen didn't know the status of Mercedes

How confident was the now 13-time Grand Prix winner that he could still catch up and overtake Hamilton again? "We thought it could be done, but it's also dependent on how their pace is. You are a bit dependent on what they are going to do on their tyres. You never know. I just do my laps. You have to see what they can do as well and I could see that Lewis was managing his pace a bit and ran out of fronts. So they couldn't really defend," he explained.

Communication over the onboard radio did not go down well in France. Verstappen and race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase could not always understand each other due to several hiccups. "We have good communication that works really well. He knows when to talk and when not too. It was a great team effort and a good group of people."

Red Bull with less downforce

Ted Kravitz finally confronts Verstappen with Hamilton's words that Red Bull now also has the best engine in the field. The 23-year-old Limburger doesn't really care about that. "Have you seen our wing compared to theirs?" he is referring to the fact that Red Bull drove with less wing than Mercedes.

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