HOT TAKE: Verstappen is now the favourite for the F1 world title

19-06-2021 21:53
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HOT TAKE: Verstappen is now the favourite for the F1 world title

Less than a quarter of the F1 season has passed and there are only two drivers who have a realistic chance of winning the world title. Very quickly it was clear that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton would be calling the shots this year. Who of the two had the upper hand was the only remaining question.

After the winter test, in which Mercedes had big problems and Red Bull Racing was lightning fast, Verstappen seemed to be the big favourite this season. However, Mercedes and Hamilton fixed their problems, perhaps threw some sandbags into the desert in Bahrain, and looked as strong as ever in the first few races.

Mercedes always fast on the 'average' tracks

Hamilton's speed at the Spanish Grand Prix, in particular, must have worried Verstappen. The Barcelona circuit is more or less a blueprint for the average F1 circuit. So Verstappen's quickness in Monaco and Azerbaijan didn't mean much. Those street circuits are way outside the norm when it comes to F1 circuits.

So in many ways, Lewis Hamilton was still the favourite for the world title with his wins in Bahrain, Portimao and Catalunya. However, qualifying in France changed that. On a track where Mercedes is traditionally dominant, Hamilton and Bottas barely came close to the Dutchman. Verstappen has the speed to win on any track, so he is now the logical favourite for the world title.

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