'Hamilton asked for penalty for Red Bull after Baku tyre incident'

19-06-2021 09:55 | Updated: 19-06-2021 10:01
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'Hamilton asked for penalty for Red Bull after Baku tyre incident'

During the drivers briefing in France, Pirelli chief Mario Isola was bombarded with questions from the drivers. Many drivers have lost some of their confidence in the Italian tyre supplier.

A lot of talk about Pirelli tyres

Instead of the usual briefing that lasts a few minutes after FP2, drivers were talking to each other for about an hour and a half, Auto, Motor und Sport reports. Pirelli was also present to answer the questions about the tyres. Isola already indicated that he would be present instead of a separate briefing.

Remarkable is that Lewis Hamilton was wondering why Red Bull Racing didn't get a penalty. They had used a tyre pressure that was not calculated by Pirelli. Technical director of the FIA Nikolas Tomazis was brief with his answer: they couldn't find any fault with Red Bull. Besides that Max Verstappen himself would have said that Red Bull has met all the requirements.

Masi apologises

After the Grand Prix in Baku it was also said that race director Michael Masi waited too long with the safety car. The safety car came on the track after one and a half minutes (almost a full lap of Baku). Masi himself admitted that this was too late and apologised to the drivers.

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