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Update | No boycott, Isola attends drivers' briefing

Update | No boycott, Isola attends drivers' briefing

17-06-2021 15:15 Last update: 20:29


The twenty Formula 1 drivers did not want to attend an additional meeting with Pirelli on Thursday afternoon, multiple sources told De Telegraaf.

The drivers want to express their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs at the tyre supplier. Two weeks ago Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll suffered sudden punctures that forced them to abandon the race. The Italians then announced an investigation, but concluded that the fault lay with Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin. With that, however, the teams disagree.

'Vague conclusion' from Pirelli

Verstappen spoke out clearly about Pirelli's investigation during the press conference on Thursday afternoon. The Dutchman thought that the results of the investigation were vague and that the tyre supplier should above all look at itself. "If instead of turning right I had turned left into the wall, things could have been very different. You can't ignore that, I think," he said. Stroll also expressed his disappointment with the investigation.

Both drivers seem to have the support of their fellow drivers, as evidenced by the joint boycott of the meeting. The drivers seem to be trying in this way to make it clear to Pirelli that it must take its drivers and teams seriously.

Update 20:29 | No boycott, Isola attends drivers' briefing

"We have decided that I will attend the drivers' briefing tomorrow because they will all be there," Mario Isola told Motorsport.com. According to the Italian it is a lot easier to use that opportunity. It was at the drivers' request to do everything in one meeting.

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