Can Perez fight for the world title? 'Given how quickly things can turn around'

15-06-2021 09:56 | Updated: 15-06-2021 15:15
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Can Perez fight for the world title? 'Given how quickly things can turn around'

The French Grand Prix is just around the corner and it is expected that Mercedes will strike back at Paul Ricard. In his column for Chris Medland also looks forward to the next performance of Sergio Perez.

After the debacle in Monaco, it was time for Mercedes to strike back in Azerbaijan, but that didn't quite go to plan. The German team scored zero points, and especially Lewis Hamilton's blunder at the restart hurt the team a lot. Max Verstappen's retirement limited the damage though.

Will Mercedes strike back?

''We had this exact topic after Monaco, given what felt like a disastrous weekend for the defending champions in Monte Carlo when they only picked up seven points courtesy of Lewis Hamilton’s seventh place and fastest lap. But then came Baku. After such difficult weekends on two street circuits, Mercedes will be hopeful the change of venue will also lead to a change in fortunes, but then we expected that last time out,'' the Formula One journalist said.

Medland was also surprised by Perez's performance in Azerbaijan, and still sees possibilities for him in the championship. ''He’s still 32 points behind Hamilton and 36 from Verstappen, but Baku has shown how quickly a swing can happen, especially in the midst of such an intense title battle. If Perez can continue his recent form, he could become a factor in the coming races'', concludes Medland.

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