Marko on Russell and Bottas switch: "It would be the logical step"

14-06-2021 17:07 | Updated: 14-06-2021 18:15
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Marko on Russell and Bottas switch: It would be the logical step

The rumours that George Russell will take Valtteri Bottas' place at Mercedes for 2022 have gained a lot of traction in recent times, and Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has a clear opinion about it.

"It would be the logical step," analysed Marko. "You can't keep him on a leash any longer. Otherwise the sponsorship doesn't make sense anymore. Even if Hamilton won't be happy about it." He told this to German SPORT1.

Bottas back to Williams?

Helmut Marko previously let it be known that Bottas does not need to call him: "There is no place there. I can actually only imagine a swap with Russell. I think Williams will be the only option for him." The Finn started his career at Williams, finishing on the podium nine times for the team. Whether Bottas will indeed return to Williams remains to be seen.

Disappointing performance

The Finn has never really impressed in his years with Mercedes as the successor to Nico Rosberg. He has rarely been a threat to Lewis Hamilton, who has been winning championships with Bottas as his wingman. Yet the Brackley-based team have been happy with Bottas, as the rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg often reached the boiling point, which hasn't been the case with the Finn.

So far this season, with Mercedes facing stiff competition from Red Bull Racing, Bottas seems to be falling through the cracks. Earlier this year, he crashed at Imola with the man who now seems set to take over his seat.

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