Vettel joins Hamilton and Wolff: "It has always been difficult"

13-06-2021 11:19 | Updated: 13-06-2021 13:37
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Vettel joins Hamilton and Wolff: It has always been difficult

Sebastian Vettel thinks it is a bad thing that it is very complicated financially to get into Formula 1, as the junior classes are far too expensive for families with little money. The Aston Martin driver, therefore, joins Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff in saying that the sport needs to put the brakes on rising costs.

The German Formula One driver states that it is not possible for a child from a working-class family to show its talents in the junior classes. As a result, according to Vettel, those classes consist almost exclusively of people with a lot of money. "There is no quick solution, but the costs are far too high," Vettel told

Vettel wants change

Vettel can remember that in his time it was also difficult to reach Formula 1. "Looking back to when I started, the costs were lower, but still high. I was very lucky. I was supported by Mr Gerhard Noack, the same man who supported Michael Schumacher some twenty years earlier. Back then, it was already very expensive."

Although it's been a while, Vettel sees that things are getting harder and harder. "Since then the world has changed, sponsorship has changed. That may also apply to the willingness to invest money in young children and motorsport. In short, it's always been difficult."

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