"I think that's exactly what Hamilton was trying to do"

12-06-2021 09:06 | Updated: 12-06-2021 11:02
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I think that's exactly what Hamilton was trying to do

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have been fighting for first place in the world championship with Red Bull Racing and Mercedes all season. While the Dutchman is currently on top, Hamilton was able to reclaim that lead last weekend. The seven-time world champion made a mistake, however, so Verstappen remains the leader.

Masashi Yamamoto understood Hamilton's attack on Sergio Pérez during the restart. "I could imagine Lewis going for 25 points because Max couldn't go any further," the Honda top executive told AS-Web. "I think that's exactly what Hamilton was trying to do. When Lewis went straight into the first corner, I felt Red Bull are having a real battle this year because they are pushing so hard."

"Verstappen was off the track and couldn't get any more points," Yamamoto continued. "If Hamilton had come in first place and secured 25 points, he could not only beat Max in the world championship but also run further ahead. Moreover, he put Mercedes back in first place among the constructors."

World championship standings

The Red Bull driver may be on top in the world championship for now, but his lead is not huge. Hamilton is still facing a four-point deficit. Sergio Pérez is in third place with 36 points less than Verstappen.

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