'The incident between Schumacher and Mazepin was not too dangerous'

11-06-2021 21:11
by GPblog.com
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'The incident between Schumacher and Mazepin was not too dangerous'

Nikita Mazepin 's move against Mick Schumacher in Azerbaijan continues to be discussed in Formula 1. In an interview with the German RTL Haas team boss Guenther Steiner tells what he thought of the situation.

Mazepin made a dangerous move when Schumacher wanted to overtake him on the straight in Baku. Many had something to say about it, including Ralf Schumacher. Steiner is now speaking out: "I think in the end it was not too dangerous, but just the emotion involved because of the high speed," he tells in the interview. "I talked to both of them, because you have to avoid that kind of thing. If it goes wrong, it goes really wrong. We've got everything figured out. They both have to learn from it how to react," was the team boss' announcement.

Movement Mazepin was not too dangerous

Steiner believes that Mazepin's movement was not too dangerous: "I just say: this is the wrong attitude. Before he saw the video footage, he saw it differently. That was a misjudgment. And it was. If there's an understanding of that kind of thing, you have to let it go. You have to say at some point, we've talked about it, the air is cleared, let's move on."

The two Haas drivers have already discussed and forgiven the incident. "Mick listened to what Nikita had to say and respected that. I think he can tick that off. Mick is not emotionless either. At times like this, it's also good that they come out," Steiner said.

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