NASCAR legend Gordon: 'There were a lot of talks about a switch to F1'

11-06-2021 19:58 | Updated: 11-06-2021 20:37
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NASCAR legend Gordon: 'There were a lot of talks about a switch to F1'

Jeff Gordon, four-time NASCAR champion, is a big Formula One fan. In the Beyond the Grid F1 podcast, he reveals more about conversations he's had about getting into Formula One.

In 2003 Gordon swapped cars with then Williams driver Juan Pablo Montoya around Indianapolis road course for a TV movie. Williams founder and former team owner Sir Frank Williams spoke to Gordon about a move to F1.

Gordon says: “So there were a lot of discussions that went on that got more serious than I thought they would after that [test], because I did have so much fun with it and I started thinking: ‘Can I train my neck enough to do this, can I learn the tracks, can I be competitive?’"

Gorden spoke to Villeneuve and Ecclestone

Sir Frank Williams wasn't the only one having conversations with the NASCAR legend. BAR, formerly known as Tyrrell, also showed interest. “There was one other conversation: Jacques Villeneuve was a part of these talks and conversations when he was at BAR… when that was all being formed, I think they wanted an American driver, somehow I got on the list, and we had a lot of discussions,” Gordon continued.

And that's not all: then Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone also held talks to try and lure the NASCAR star towards F1. “He was involved yes, I had discussions with him and they were not long discussions, you know, but I think there was some talks about a big interest in an American driver. There always has been, right?" said Gordon. The last American to drive on the F1 grid was Alexander Rossi in 2015.

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