'Pressure from Verstappen brings out the best in Hamilton'

10-06-2021 10:32 | Updated: 10-06-2021 11:30
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'Pressure from Verstappen brings out the best in Hamilton'

Lewis Hamilton made another mistake last Sunday, and was unable to take advantage of Max Verstappen's bad luck with his burst tyre. According to Nick Heidfeld it is clear that Lewis is feeling the pressure from Verstappen.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton seem to be fighting for the world title this year. For Hamilton, this has already become the most normal thing in the world in recent years, but for the first time in years he will be facing opposition from another driver. Where Sebastian Vettel could not really shake him in 2017 and 2018, Verstappen seems to be able to.

Pressure on Hamilton

In Imola, we saw a big mistake from Hamilton for the first time in ages. The Brit was in pursuit of Verstappen and slid right into the wall on the wet asphalt. He was able to limit the damage by a red flag. In Azerbaijan, however, it went wrong again, and he missed the opportunity to deal a big blow to Verstappen.

''Hamilton is feeling the pressure from Verstappen now that he is really competing for the world title. That's why at the moment we're seeing the best Lewis has ever done,'' Heidfeld told F1-Insider.com. ''The pressure makes for mistakes, but it also brings out the best in Lewis. As a result, Bottas is sinking further and further. ''Just good drivers like Bottas then get into trouble," concluded the former F1 driver.

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